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Payroll processing

Consistent changes with payroll our dedicated team is here to ensure that you are paying your employees correctly and on time. At Employment Relations Hub, our services are built to deliver value and success to your small or medium business. Running an in-house payroll can be very daunting and costly at times due consistent changes in the legislation. Our team at Employment Relations Hub ensures that your payroll processes remain up to date and efficient under the Australian legislation.

Service Features

  • Payroll Compliance
  • Payroll Regulations
  • Single Touch Payroll (STP)
  • Award Interpretation
  • Online Payslips
  • Administrative Tasks

Why us?

Outsourcing payroll services with Employment Relation Hub can offer a variety of advantages for your business. It reduces payroll processing costs by freeing internal staff to focus on more value-adding activities. Payroll outsourcing also ensures your payroll is always up-to-date, compliant and in line with the latest legislation, so your organisation avoids costly penalties and fines. The nature of outsourcing payroll means you have access to payroll professionals who offer expert advice and guidance on pay issues and help ensure the accuracy of your payroll data. Other benefits of payroll outsourcing include improved data security, less overhead in finance or human resource management, streamlined payroll processing, compliance management, and a better employee experience.

Employment Relations Hub will manage your STP, Superannuation, PAYG, Payroll Taxes, All Leave entitlements and other Government reporting requirements are calculated and submitted correctly.

Employment Relations Hub will maintain all your data from adding new employees, making changes, processing terminations, deeds, leave entitlements and as well as running your payroll weekly, fortnightly and monthly.

Employment Relations Hub will provide custom made reporting to your business needs. We send all your TFN Declarations and STP reporting and as well as end of the year final submission for Tax ready.