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Human Resources

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Human Resources

Our specialists will dedicate their time, experience, and knowledge to provide you tailored expert advice to assist, guide and support you through any employment relations matter. Employment Relations Hub provides practical and effective solutions to all you HR needs. We are committed to your business success and providing ensuring confidence in every HR decision you make.

Service Features

  • HR & Workplace Advice
  • Employment Relations
  • Policies & Procedures
  • HR Strategies
  • Performance Management
  • Leadership Management

Why us?

Employment Relations Hub is an Australian owned and operates across all the states and territories. We have over 10 years of HR, workplace and employment relations experience across all the industries. The service we provide is efficient and cost effective to your business.  Employment Relations Hub can help your business comply its responsibilities and rights under the Australian FAIR WORK ACT. Outsourcing allows you to access a depth and width of expertise that likely isn’t available within your organisation’s HR team: across law, compliance, performance management, coaching, leadership development and much more.

We will provide your business a tailored made performance management system that will suit your operational requirements and needs.

We will make sure that all your employees’ rights are aligned with your business operational requirements. We will provide support and guidance surrounding any claims such as discriminations and harassment.

We will provide you with tailored made HR advise and consultation.